Software solution for yor vehicle shifting to utilize your business

Easy vehicle shifting offer acceptance and invoicing!
The ONLOGIST marketplace software digitilizes the vehicle logitics. The software creates transparency and benefits for your business.

THE SOFTWARE: ONLOGIST provides a marketplace software especially created for vehicle shifting. Business that demand vehicle shifting search transport companies for driven or transported vehichle deliveries. The software connects your transport company with theses businesses.

If you want to use the software as a transport company you need a business liability insurance.


  • Just 2€ fee for each accpeted offer.
  • Integrated, paperless accounting system.
  • The software provides a clear order acceptance.
  • You communicate with your drivers through the software.
  • Client base enlargement.
  • Negotiate the price via price proposal.


  • Expenses for the transport liability insurance.
  • Individual activation by each business that demand vehicle shifting.
  • No service by ONLOGIST.
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