ONLOGIST is a marketplace software solution for vehicle shifting

Vehicle shifting order placing and communication with your transport companies.
Our webbased marketplace software optimize your vehicle shifting. The software adopts your corporate structure. A two steps invoice process optomizes the invoicing. You will never get an invoice about a vehicle shifting without succesfull execution.

THE SOFTWARE: ONLOGIST provides a marketplace software especially created for vehicle shifting. Business that demand vehicle shifting search transport companies for driven or transported vehichle deliveries. The software connects your transport company with theses businesses.

Use all potentials and place vehicle shifting orders through your own marketplace provided by ONLOGIST. You will find transport companies for driven and transported vehicle deliveries. Your benefits:

  • No fee for the demand side.
  • No installation for your company required. ONLOGIST is a web browserbased software solution.
  • ONLOGIST adopts your corporate structure.
  • We integrate your excisting transport companies and you can expand your transport company base per mouse click.
  • The two step invoice check allows a flawless invoicing. You will never get an invoice about an unexecuted delivery.
  • No quality loss due to rating options of transport companies.
  • The damage documentation allows to bill the transport company through the software. No additional invoicing is needed.
  • The software allows a clearly arranged order overview at all time.
  • Detailed reportings and real time controlling help you to use your data and optimze your processes.
If you are interested to uses our marketplace software to improve your vehicle shifting, contact us. We would like to personally present you the software!

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