Single Driver (self-employed driver) or transport company with multiple drivers?

You can register as a transport comany with a transport liability insurance or as a single driver (a self-employed driver).
As a transport company with multiple drivers and a business liability insurance you will pay 2€ fee for each accepted vehicle shifting order. As a Single Driver you will pay 20% fee based on the accepted order price. The Single Driver uses the ONLOGST insurance.

Single Driver (self-employed driver)

An audited Single Driver is directly activated for businesses that demand vehicle shifting.
If you are a self-employed driver without a business liability insurance, we recommend a registration as a Single Sriver. In this case you will take out an isurance policy for each accepted order. There are no current costs. This offer is just for single trador.

More information and benefist for the "Single Driver" registration can be found here.

Transport company (multiple drivers)

Individuall activation by businesses that demand vehicle shifting required
If you want to regsiter as a transport company with multiple drivers you need a business liability insurance.
With this business liability insurance you can register as a "transport company"
ATTENTION: As transport company with an own insurance an individuall activation by each business that demand vehicle shiftings is required to see offered orders.

Information to the "transport company" registration can be found here.