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Car shifting offers for self-employed drivers

Register, find car shifting offers & execute orders.
We enables car shifting for self-employed drivers. We call this possibility "Single Driver" programm. To work as a Single Driver you need a driver licence and a trading licence. A personal business liability insurance is not necessary.

After the registration and register check by ONLOGIST you will be activated for the marketplace. Now you see every car shifting offer provided by businesses that demand vehicle deliveries. At this point you can place a bid (auction), accept the offer (buy-now) or ignore a car shifting offer.

You will not be foreced to accept an offer. The marketplace activation only enables you to aquire interesting car shifting orders. You decide whether you shift a car or not.

Single Driver programm: This programm enables self-employed drivers to connect with businesses that demand car shiftings. Barriers like insurance and personal contact are removed by us. You can start to work as a car shifting company or use the offers to fill up your schedule.


  • Car shifting offer for self-employed drivers.
  • Easy entry in vehicle logistics without high costs.
  • No application needed, just register.
  • Clear arranged offer overview.
  • Professional qualification: driver licence & trade licence
  • Transparency & self-determination
  • Quick start after succesfull registration.
  • No current costs.
  • No new customer acquisition.
  • Integrated invoicing.
  • ONLOGIST support


  • Independent vehicle shifting offer acceptance & execution.
  • 20% fee based on accepted order price.
Register as a Single Driver