About Us

The #1 solution for europe-wide
vehicle deliveries

When Felix Müller and Moritz Pagendarm founded ONLOGIST in 2014, they had a clear vision: In a world where mobility is understood as a service and the mobility providers of the future want to offer every customer the right vehicle at the right time in the right place, there is an immense need for a logistics infrastructure for vehicle transports over the last mile.

Always one step ahead

Mobility is becoming a service. Intelligent and networked mobility services will come to dominate the market in the future. In order to implement these innovative concepts with optimised processes and in a cost-efficient manner, a solution for last-mile logistics that is both reliable and scalable is required. ONLOGIST offers exactly that: a custom-fit solution for vehicle logistics of tomorrow's mobility providers.

Fleet management rethought -
simple, efficient and fast

Whether via smartphone or in your own ERP software, ONLOGIST can be used exactly as companies require to ensure their ongoing success. Whether the order is for individual transports or the relocation of entire fleets, even complex transfers can be implemented simply and quickly using ONLOGIST.

Your partner of choice for vehicle logistics

ONLOGIST is the first choice for all companies which need to transfer vehicles regularly and safely. Which is why companies like Vergölst, Flaschenpost, Europcar, Sixt, Enterprise, Hertz and Starcar trust in ONLOGIST’s logistics solutions.